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Dining room table sets for my fillage

Dining room table sets for my fillage

They say that our home is our castle and I can't but agree with it. My castle is a three room apartment in the suburb of the city. My favourite room in this castle is a kitchen. And not surprisingly — for me our kitchen is not only the place, where my mother cooks or where we eat, but it is the main meeting point for all our family. When our relatives or close friends come to visit us, we love to sit in the kitchen and discuss different things with a cup of hot aroma tea. As well as in many other families, our kitchen is the most creative and the noisiest room in the flat, and it is always full of people.

There are many interesting, cute and even unusual things in our kitchen, so it is difficult to describe it in two words. First of all, it must be mentioned that our kitchen is quite big, light and ample, but very cozy. In the center of my favourite room, there is a round vintage wooden table. One can always find my books or magazines, my mother's porcelain vase with fresh flowers and my sister’s drawing pad on the table. Opposite the door, one can see a large window with lovely light-blue curtains. on the windowsill there are pots with beautiful plants – growing plants is my mother’s hobby.

On the right, there is a modern kitchen cabinet. It is the place where my mom cookss our favourite dishes. All our kitchen appliances such as oven, dishwasher and microwave oven are integrated into the kitchen cabinetry. It is very convenient and space consuming. On the shelves, we have got not only plates and cups, pans and pots, dressings and spices, but also a lot of books with different recipes, photos, postcards and souvenirs.

On the left, there is a side-by-side refrigerator. As my mother is on a diet, our fridge is full of fruit and vegetables. On the fridge, there are a lot of colourful magnets from all over the world, family photos, my sister’s drawings, funny postcards. I think our fridge can tell the story of our lives to our guests: here is a lovely photo of my younger sister, wedding and birthday invitations for the nearest weekends, and here is a magnet from Paris and a New Year postcard from our granny. Our entire world is there for everyone to see. Opposite our kitchen cabinet, there is a wall with a big old-fashioned clock on it. My parents have received it as a present when they gave a house-warming party twenty years ago.

I love my kitchen because it is the place, where I meet my parents and my sister early in the morning, where we spend special occasions, where in the middle of the night we discuss problems and share our secrets, and, of course, where we can taste delicious and homemade food.скачать dle 10.6фильмы бесплатно

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